Richard Clark Interview, 11 July 2003

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TT:Yeah, but I mean, but they make a big thing about this being 'oh, it was probably some AP's who were pissed and they were playing a prank.'
RC:Wrong. Never happen.
TT:I don't buy that either when you hear some of the other stories of the security there.
RC:Security was tight back then. There was a different mentality back then than there is today. The people that were there, first of all, if you were in the Air Force, you had to volunteer for it and you got to serve four years. Maybe you didn't like being at Minot, but you still did your job. I don't care who you were. And if you didn't they got rid of you. There was a kid who worked for me, he was a 204 which is a glorified secretary in intelligence, you know, 206, those were the people that did the work, the 204, they typed up all the stuff for us. I mean, he was a flake and I got rid of him in less than two weeks. You just didn't put up with that stuff back then because you didn't have to. He went washing dishes. He lost his security clearance he lost everything.
TT:Yeah, the whole SAC regimen is pretty impressive, you know, I mean it is. It was amazingly efficient.
RC:So, you know, I don't buy anything that it was any of our people.
TT:It is a puzzle, could off duty AP's have those keys?
TT:I wouldn't think so, you'd think there were key packets that were passed on and off when you checked in and out, so somebody would have had to literally—
RC:Yeah, not gonna happen. I mean, they don't leave the possession of the people who are on duty, and when you go off duty, you give it to the next person who's on duty.
TT:And the codes are changed on a regular basis.
RC:Yes and you don't go to a hardware shop and make a new key. [Laughs]
TT:Do you recall any other interest from outside the base?
RC:No. It was almost like it never happened.
TT:Well the information wasn't coming down, it was going up if anything.
RC:Yeah, and nothing was coming back. And you know, they didn't come back in to talk to myself or any of the people that worked for me, or my boss.

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