Richard Clark Interview, 11 July 2003

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RC:It could have been. That's what we computed?
RC:—'cause they got it from us.
TT:Let's go a step further from there. So you passed that report up, and was that the end of it as far as any of your involvement?
TT:You never heard back? No one asked you for any additional information?
RC:[Shaking head no] "It's going to be looked into."
TT:That was the general response?
RC:Uh huh. And they had no explanation for it.
TT:Later? Oh, did you ask about it later?
RC:Yeah, basically, what I remember was that the reports were sent up, and at that time that they had no explanation for it, but they were going to investigate further and that's the last I heard.
TT:Yeah, well, the same with all the other witnesses, they're not going to report back to them—
RC:[makes sound indicating 'of course not']
TT:—but you know, it is odd that the following day the aircrew was called in for a debriefing. It wasn't a normal debriefing for these guys. I think they were in your building, and they don't usually go in there, or something like that?
RC:No, they come into our building all the time.
TT:OK, well then it wasn't your building, they went to some other building for this debriefing, I don't know where, they were out of their turf, and they didn't know the guy that was debriefing. But the odd thing is that this guy told them all kinds of things. I don't understand why they would debrief them, you know, to see what they knew, and the debriefing was odd because the gunner claims that when object moved behind the plane that he saw it on his 60 degree rear radar for a flash, he says he saw it. I don't know if that's an accurate recall by him but he said in the debriefing he didn't tell anybody that, because nobody asked. But he almost got the impression that the debriefing was more like to tell the crew what happened, you know what I mean? Because from the pilot and the co-pilot's point of view they were told all kinds of things that we haven't been able to

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