Richard Clark Interview, 11 July 2003

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RC:Twenty-two. I turned 21 in Vietnam.
TT:So, you did talk to the B-52 crew?
TT:To the whole crew or—?
RC:No, I don't recall who I talked to.
TT:Why would you talk to one of the crew? Was that a normal thing to do?
RC:Well yes and no, I mean the crews came into our facility all the time.
TT:So they would come off their missions, and come into your building.
RC:Sometimes, yeah.
TT:What would the radar operator do? I mean he must have to download the film after a mission?
RC:No, they don't do that. The people from the photo lab come over, you know, and get the film and all that stuff off the 52. My biggest connection was with the Bomb-Navigators because we scored them and we worked with them—
TT:That would have been Chuck Richey in this crew.
RC:—sometimes they'd have questions on our, you know on the bomb runs that we did for the Operational Readiness Inspections. Sometimes they'd want—they're scored on how well they do and we're the ones that drew up the scopes for us and, you know, they'd come in and they wanted to make sure that we had done a good job, because we're telling them 'this is what it's going to look like' and we're doing it from terrain maps, and, you know, all kinds of maps.
TT:So they're coming in to double-check your work?
RC:Yeah, to make sure we know what the hell we're talking about.
TT:So you had more contact with the Bomb-Navigator than anybody on the B-52.
TT:I mean did you know them sort of first name basis over time?
RC:No, we were not first name basis

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