Richard Clark Interview, 11 July 2003

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verify. Like for example that, I don't know if it was a camper crew or whatever, there was a crew out in a six pack, and the object came over the top of this truck and scared the hell out of these guys and they jumped out to run and nobody heard from these guys, they sent another security team down there and found the guys unconscious on the ground. Now here we've got a general or at least a colonel debriefing the crew and telling them stuff like that?
RC:Well I heard—and that rings a bell. I heard that, and I don't know how accurate it is, and I can't remember who I heard it from but it had to be somebody in the wing. I heard that they sent a crew out to one of the missile silos after the alarms went off and that something similar to that happened to the crew, you know, the motor stopped, the lights went off, and—but I can't remember.
TT:In what direction did that occur from the base?
RC:I don't remember. I don't even remember which three silos went off.
TT:So what you seem to remember is that three separate silos went off?
RC:Three separate silos went off and they ended up, what I did hear was that they couldn't find anything
TT:Now when you say "went off"—exterior alarms, interior alarms?
RC:Yes, interior alarms. But they didn't find anything. Nobody could have been in there.
TT:Here's what the documents say: at Oscar-6, which would have been from you northeast a bit, you know, not too far, actually Oscar-7, there was a camper team at Oscar-6—the perimeter alarms went off and the interior alarm. In other words, somebody opened the gate, unlatched it, went in, went to the navy hatch, unlocked it, opened it up and messed with the combination. Once the combination was messed with the alarm went off, you know changed, because it was set, right? Next day, they sent a team out there, could find no footprints, no evidence at all that anybody was in there.
TT:Very strange.
RC:Yeah, that's what I say, that the alarms went off but they couldn't find anything to justify the alarms going off.
TT:In the documents they say 'oh, it was probably some pranksters.'
RC:No way!

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