Richard Clark Interview, 11 July 2003

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TT:Did Minot have a Recce Tech too?
RC:No. We had no fighters up there at all.
TT:Only some interceptors. Now ADC was south of you, right? There was a SAGE site there—did you connect with them at all?
TT:No. They were awfully separate from everything weren't they?
RC:Yeah. They lived in their own world.
TT:Yeah, in the documents, they were trying to get information from them on whether they had any radar returns on this, and it's kind of odd because you'd think that the communications would be easy, but from seeing how they're trying to ask the question, they're not getting good response, you know, so the fighters were probably ADC.
RC:Yeah, we had no fighters at Minot. Just B-52's All we had was just the 52's and the 135's. We had a couple courier planes, but those were DC-3's.
TT:So, no fighters at all?
TT:Let's use these scope photos for an example, how much information can you discern from them?
RC:Well, basically the only thing, you can discern is here's an object in the air, and it's flying along with the 52. And then, it goes from one side to the other side, and we computed how fast it was going based on the time span on the clock here [pointing to clock on a scope photo], so that's pretty much what you can compute.
TT:Can you determine the size of the object?
TT:But a seasoned radar operator might be able to compare it to what he knows to be the size of a KC-135?
RC:Right, right. It's a good size in order to make the size of blip that it made.
TT:OK, good size meaning as big as at least what?

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