Richard Clark Interview, 11 July 2003

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RC:What did they all say about it? I couldn't remember one of their names if my life depended on it.
TT:Well, you probably talked to Patrick McCaslin, who was the Navigator. And he describes it as it's always been described, that you know, it scared the hell out of them. When that thing came in on the plane, they were talking about taking emergency action—
TT:—because they didn't know what the hell was coming in on them. Now you know, there were two pilots up front... actually there were three pilots on board. The commander of the plane, as soon as he heard over the radio that there was a UFO in the area, he said, 'guys, I've got an interview with Delta tomorrow, and I don't want to be part of a UFO incident,' and he went to the back until the plane landed and he never came out.
TT:But there still was a check pilot up front, and the co-pilot. And I don't know if you were aware of this, but they overflew the object on the ground—
TT:—and got a pretty detailed look at it. The co-pilot seems to have gotten a better look at it than the check pilot but there's a bit of confusion there we're trying to work out all the details. It's kind of hard to reconstruct after so much time, recall being what it is.
RC:It's been forever. We computed how fast the thing was flying but I can't even remember.
TT:Well, it's in the Air Force documents. It's estimated at 3000 [MPH], and other people computed more than that, but can't be sure of the exact the distances—
RC:No. I was thinking, it was faster than anything that we had that could fly, like I say, I can't remember, but we computed based on the scope and the rings. These are not—I thought the pictures were much better than this.
TT:The originals might be a little bit better, but, you know. I went over with Bill and we made those copies, and they're pretty good, I mean, the exposure is good on them.
RC:Like I say, it's been a long—you know 35 years. [Using desktop calculator] 'cause it was '68, and its 2003. It's not quite 35 because it was October.
TT:Let's me start out and just get a little background, where you are from originally, where you went to school, what sort of training you had—how did you end up in the military?
RC:Well, originally pretty much from this area, and I worked for this company, and Vietnam came along... and I knew I was going to get drafted so I went down and I took some tests,

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