Richard Clark Interview, 11 July 2003

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scored high enough in it that I got in to Air Force intelligence. So I signed up with the Air Force and went to basic training, and then I went out to Denver and went to intelligence school.
TT:Can you tell me just a little bit about what's involved in that?
RC:Oh, all kinds of things, you know as far as intelligence is concerned, you know, we did targeting. You know the intelligence people are the ones, I don't know if you are familiar, when they found the missiles down in Cuba years ago. It's the intelligence people that do things like that.
TT:Analyzing the photography.
TT:I mean did you go through a course in interpreting photographic evidence?
RC:Yes. I was in Denver from October through June, the end of June. It was a six months course, or something like that.
TT:Then do you specialize in a certain area when you go through that training?
TT:I mean, was your specialty radarscope—radar analysis?
RC:No. In fact, until I went to Minot, I'd never even seen a radarscope. Well I had, but then you learned really fast, you know? [Laughs]
TT:Yeah, you'd have to.
RC:After intelligence school, I went down to Offutt, to SAC headquarters [Strategic Air Command Headquarters, Offutt AFB, Omaha NE], and from there I went over to Vietnam. I was in an intelligence outfit in Vietnam. We did all the targeting for all the targets bombed in North Vietnam, South Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.
TT:So you were stationed in Saigon?
RC:Yeah, we were at Ton Son Nhut, at the air base.
TT:So you didn't want to go to Vietnam, but ended up there anyway. [laughs] At least you weren't on the front lines
RC:Yes, I was not on the front lines although we did do some crazy things, like we helped direct close air support and, one of my friends—

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