Richard Clark Interview, 11 July 2003

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images in which you were able to determine that the object moved at the speed that you computed. Which are the images, the two images that you did that analysis on?
RC:I don't remember, I mean, here it's on one side, [frame 771], here it's the other side [frame 772]. I thought it was these two [frames 771 & 772], but I don't remember now [pointing at frame 772 and using desk calculator].
TT:Here's another confusing part of it. Let me show you a map and I'll explain [gets small missile field map]. Basically, the B-52 went up near Bowbells, made a right-hand turn, was on its way back to Minot. They were flying up northwest. And as they were flying up, RAPCON said 'be on the lookout for a UFO one o'clock position,' so obviously they're headed this direction [northwest] and they're looking up here for the UFO, which is where all these guys were seeing it [ground witnesses]. They didn't see anything going up. When they got up here they did a right hand turn around the TACAN, and were headed straight back to Minot. As soon as they finished their turn and they were leveling out at 20,000 [feet] the object appeared. In the documents it says 'the object appeared 3 miles off their beam' which would be out here 3 miles and that it moved from 3 mi. out, to a mile and a quarter in one sweep [of the radar scope]. Now what you're saying and what everybody on the B-52 is telling me is that the object first appeared on the right, and moved to the left of the plane.
RC:To the left, yeah.
TT:But I don't see that evidence in these images. The object is always on the left here except for the one image, this one [772], otherwise, the object is always to the left of the airplane.
RC:I don't remember myself.
TT:I was afraid you'd say that.
RC:You know, but isn't this what they're—it went from right to left.
TT:That's what everybody on the plane is saying. But the documents aren't. They're saying it was on the left and moved into the airplane.They said it was 3 miles out and moved in to a mile quarter, a mile and a half within a sweep. They're implying that's where the 3000 mi. an hour analysis was performed. But see, that would've happened as soon as they made their turnaround. That wasn't at the time that these images were shot. It would have been long before these images were shot.
RC:[Looking at scope images 771 and 772 and at calculator]. See, we computed the distance that it went in the time between scans and that's how we came up with the speed. I can't remember, it went from right to left. Here he's out 3 miles [frame 771], here it's out a mile and three quarters [frame 772], but it didn't go 4.75 miles.
TT:Right, he changed the gain on the scan?

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