Richard Clark Interview, 11 July 2003

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the intelligence operation—the bomb wing. And then we got this flaky major who had a drinking problem, and then he went away and then we got another major who was a real jerk, so I don't know. I can't remember when we lost the lieutenant colonel, whether this was before or after.
TT:Well, you had been there for year, almost to the month.
RC:Yeah, but I don't remember when the lieutenant colonel left, I really don't, because he got transferred down to SAC headquarters, he was a good guy.
TT:So what would your procedure be now that you've got the negative back from the film lab? Was the film lab in the same building as you?
RC:No, no we took a vehicle over there.
TT:And you're right on base—right in the center of the base?
RC:Well, we were at the headquarters building which was a blockhouse building, and we were not too far from where the bombers were that were on the ready pad.
TT:I've seen an overhead and I know what you're talking about—long building.
RC:Yeah, no windows. In the wintertime the only time we saw the sun was on weekends, because we'd be there at 7:30 and didn't get done until 5:30. And up there in the wintertime the sun doesn't come out until after eight, and it sets at 4:00. No, the photo lab was not in our building, we took one of those nice blue vans that the Air Force had and went and got the film, 'cause I remember I went and got it.
TT:What were they shooting? 100 ft. rolls or variable lengths?
RC:They were variable lengths, you know.
TT:What was the standard length?
RC:I think it was 100 feet.
TT:So 100 feet, that's a lot of time at three seconds a pop. How much total footage did they shoot of this particular UFO incident? We've got thirteen [actually fourteen] frames here [referring to the photographic prints].
RC:Yeah, there were a lot more than that.
TT:"A lot more" meaning?
RC:[sighs] I don't remember, Tom

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