Richard Clark Interview, 11 July 2003

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RC:Right. That's the scan before he started [un-numbered sector scan frame].
TT:I've got a couple of more questions here I'm going to run through. So you were in bombing intelligence for two years—basically doing radar analysis and targeting?
TT:You don't remember the unit name?
RC:No, I don't.
TT:Was there a unit within the bomb wing intelligence that you were—?
RC:No, intelligence was assigned to the bomb wing, so we were with the bomb wing, we were not separate.
TT:You were directly subordinate to them?
RC:Yes. My colonel, well, whether it was a colonel or a major at the time I can't remember, but he reported directly to the wing commander.
RC:When I was in Vietnam, it was separate, We were not with Seventh Air Force, we were independent, it was a Recce Tech wing.
TT:Oh, right. So they just moved you around where they needed you.
TT:You don't recall any of the names of the people you worked with?
RC:Boy, well there was a lieutenant Wallach (sp?) that worked there...
TT:You guys didn't hang out after hours sort of thing? Did you have a family? Were you married?
RC:I was married at the time. I was living off base.
TT:Off base, so lot of guys lived on base or whatever.
RC:Yeah, all the single guys lived on base in base housing. The married people in my unit lived off base, other than the officers they lived on base.
TT:How old were you at the time?

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