Richard Clark Interview, 11 July 2003

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RC:Right. Well no. It would have had to have gone—in order to do that, it would have to go from here over to here [indicating a straight line path on frame 771], which it did not do. It went from here [blip position on frame 771] down to here [indicating approximately four o clock position frame 771]. Because we had it up on the projection unit—
TT:I get you, so this is what you're using for the analysis from up here, which is on their heading almost—
TT:—in front of them, So it's in front of them on the right [frame 771], and it's moving back to their rear right [frame 772] and then over to the left [frame 773].
RC:Yes. See, because it was moving with them and it changed speed, changed direction within three seconds, and six seconds later it's here [frame 773]. I just don't remember, I mean we computed it based on the scope, the range, and that's how we came up with the speed. I thought it was faster than 3000 miles an hour, but I—
TT:Well, I think it is, but, you know, 3000 is fast enough for everybody.
RC:Yeah [using desk calculator]. See, I was thinking it was closer to 3900 miles an hour. I think we computed that in the time frame it went like 3—I want to say like 3.2 miles. Now if you convert that out, basically in three second increments, you're going to have in an hour there's 1200 three second increments so 3.25, that would be 3900 miles an hour, but I don't remember. I know it was over 3000 mi. an hour.
TT:OK. I mean, you ordered these prints so you told them first print is 771, because anything prior to that was not of any use?
RC:Right there was nothing on it.
TT:Oh, this object wasn't even on it?
RC:No. If I remember right, this is when he first turned on [frame 771].
RC:OK first turned it on in this mode where he could get it [frame 771]. Because, we computed the speed based on point A to point B. I had them print every significant image. That's why I'm positive that's what that is [un-numbered frame]. That is before he turned it on, that's the scan before he turned it there [frame 771]. There would have been no other reason for me to have it printed.
TT:Yeah, if it were at the end?

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