Richard Clark Interview, 11 July 2003

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TT:—so it had to be a minute or two after—they must have filmed at least five minutes, you know.
RC:Well, it was on, because I remember—[sighs] you know the other thing too was he turned the radar to the different scopes [modes].
TT:Do you remember what he was on?
RC:[shakes head no]
TT:Station Keep from the radar operators.
RC:Yeah. Well see, this is not [indicating sector scan frame with no frame counter imaged], but this is [indicating frame number 771]. That's a terrain scan [indicating sector scan frame]. That's a terrain scan on high gain. Why he went to that, I have no idea at all.
TT:Well maybe that's out of sequence with these shots, do you remember that being there next to those?
RC:I don't remember now off the top of my head [looking closely at prints]. But I just had them print out what I thought was relevant. So whether all—I just had, like I say, I just had them print what I felt were the relevant prints.
TT:Yeah. So you're the one who requested these thirteen [fourteen]?
TT:OK. And what did you do with the prints?
RC:I kept a set
TT:So you had two sets.
RC:Yes, and one set went into the folder.
TT:Oh, in your report. Now, how extensive was the report, and was it just sent up to your commander?
RC:Well, yeah, and it was minimal because they wanted to make sure that it was there, you know, [chuckles] and that the crew wasn't being a little flaky, well you know, I mean it's pretty evident that it's there. [holding up radar scope prints]. Yeah, and we sent up. Like I say, I cannot remember what speed that it was... but you know, we did compute an estimated speed, and it was faster than anything that we had at the time.
TT:Well like I said the documents say 3000 miles an hour.

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