Richard Clark Interview, 11 July 2003

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TT:You weren't aware that they came close—they were within 3200 feet [MSL] of the object above it, and it was either on the ground or hovering above the ground. Now... the instructor pilot on board saw it when they came around from the close approach, and he said as soon as they turned they could see it about 15 mi. ahead on the ground. It didn't move the whole time and when they came within a mile of it they turned to come back in and that's when they lost sight of it, but at that point they would have been almost right over it. You didn't know that at the time?
RC:No, I didn't.
TT:At the time and now, what do you think about the incident?
RC:Well, you know it had to have been a UFO. You know, we had nothing that could do the kind of speed that it had back then and to be able to change directions, I mean, flying with the plane and changing directions while still maintaining, I mean, you're going—
TT:The plane was going between 230 and 280.
RC:OK, yeah, I mean, it's going like this and then all of a sudden it's over here, and it's still going this way [indicating object motion with hand], I mean, even if we had something that could go that fast it could not—it's going to go that fast this way [indicating straight line motion with hand] and—
TT:In one direction.
RC:—but it can't go that way too. And that's why it was phenomenal.
TT:At the time, that's what impressed you?
RC:Well, like I say, it had to be something other than what we were aware of, you know, and I didn't think our technology had anything like that as far as capability, so it's got to be a UFO.
TT:Well, that's almost exactly what the radar-navigator said when he saw that. He realized it was something unique.
RC:And, how fast did it really do it, because you've got three seconds between the scans? Did it take it a second to do it? If so it's going three times as fast as what we computed. Did it take a second and half; did it take the whole three seconds? No, it didn't take the whole three seconds, so here's the minimum speed it could be going: over 3000 mi. an hour. You know if it took it a second you're looking at 10,000 miles an hour.
TT:—it only detected the lower limit.
RC:Yeah. Here's the minimum speed it can have been going, and that's over 3000 miles an hour. That's based on: it took its three seconds to go from point A to point B. Now we

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