Bradford Runyon Interview, 25 February 2005

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the B-52 training. After that my next assignment was at Minot, North Dakota—stopped by Fort Worth, Texas for nuclear weapons school on the way.
TTWhich involved what?
BRBasically, well the design and operation of some of our bombs.
TTOh, so you understood the whole technology.
BRYeah, pre-flighting them and various kinds of things—it's a couple weeks, two-week school. The Air Force asked me where I would like to be stationed for my first assignment and I requested the southeast because I went to school in Florida and had relatives there and then they said "Well, in case there's nothing there, what's your second choice?" I said the middle south; it's still close to home, its still warm weather and they said, "What's your third choice, and I said well the southwest..."
TT(laughs) the Canadian border...
BRYeah I can't stand cold weather so I'd like to go someplace warm so, they said "Well then report to Minot at the end of January."
BR...then so, well, you know, it could have been in the summer...
TTEnd of January, worst time of the year.
BRYeah, someone got a kick out of that I'm sure—it wasn't me. But I was glad I went to Minot. For one thing, the people there in North Dakota have a saying, "40 below keeps the riff-raff out." And it does. They're the highest quality people that I've met. They're real fine people. And the base is sort of isolated, there is not a whole lot of traffic up there so we pretty much just do whatever you want, you are just pretty much on your own up there, fly wherever you want to go and don't have to worry about a lot of traffic. Anyway I ended up in Minot, North Dakota for two or three years, and I ended up on a Stanboard crew after a while.
TTDo you start out in a non-ready crew?
BRNo, actually I got checked out, oh, fairly soon and I went to an E-crew, I don't even remember what it stands for but it was above a ready crew but not the best. And Lt. Colonel Poole was my first Aircraft Commander. He was an instructor pilot, so I guess that helped me too. I was with them until Stanboard needed a co-pilot and they asked me to go to Stanboard.
TTWas that with Cagle?
BRNo, I started out with a Major Copperthide [sp?] and he left fairly soon after I joined his crew, you know, he got another assignment. And I ended up on Don Cagle's crew while I was on Stanboard.
TTOver a period of what time did those changes occur? What was the year that you went originally was it late '66 or early '67?
BRI would say early '67...
TTYeah. Oh January you said.

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