Bradford Runyon Interview, 25 February 2005

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BRYes uh huh.
TTDo you think that they had it on radar?
BRI would think that they did.
TTAre they able to shoot something on the ground?
BRI have no idea. It might have been sitting up high enough, and they knew the terrain out there but they would know if there's a big hump out there that's—
TTI wonder if they could have visually seen it, well maybe they could see on binoculars sitting out there.
BRYeah, possibly, but the controller would have been in a building and just glued to his radarscope anyway. But he would know all the terrain in the area and he would know any change in terrain.
TTBut it doesn't seem like after it left your B-52 that it went right to that position because you went around once and didn't see anything.
BR No, we didn't go around once. The only time we went around was when we went back and saw that it was there. We didn't go around again. We just made one go around.
TTIn the transcript, it's got you doing a low approach, go around, you didn't see anything, and then you went around a second time and saw it.
BRNo, we went missed approach. Well on the missed approached you don't land you don't make a touch and go or if you do make a touch and go around, then you receive instruction to turn after that. Well, we received our instructions to turn and when we broke out on the heading then the object was right there in front of us.
BRWe only made one low approach and then, we were turned to fly right back over the object.
TTOh, OK. But you understand in the transcript—
BRI know, it confuses me too. They have changed some things, added and deleted and I'm pretty sure some headings were wrong there. If you don't see the runway and you're on an instrument approach, well then you go missed approach. You're supposed to go to a certain heading and altitude, they don't want you making turns in the weather, you know you might turn into an object on the ground, forget your altitude, so usually they have you go straight ahead. So, if you're landing on runway 29 then usually they will have you go just about straight ahead or 10 or 20 degrees one way or the other just in case there's an obstacle you need to clear. Well, here, we're landing on runway 11 I think, so then they'd say go missed approach 335 or something or other like that. See eventually you will go there but they aren't going to have you going that direction right after the runway. They don't just have you just make a 180 degree turn, they turn you a little bit at a time.
TTAnd then 11 and 29, I mean, does that relate to the cardinal direction of your approach?
BRThat's the way the runway is oriented. It depends on which way the wind is.

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