Bradford Runyon Interview, 25 February 2005

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BRWell then our radios came back in and well actually just as soon as the Navigator told me that he no longer had it, that it had dropped off his radar I checked in with the Approach Control and told them basically that their UFO wasn't with us anymore, and that our radios were working and they told me to try another frequency or two, and we tried that and stayed on their best frequency. So as we were making the approach I think that we had in mind to land because we were sort of fatigued, mentally and physically too, but we received instructions over one of the radios and it said that such-and-such general wanted us to fly back out and over fly over the object and see what we could see about it.
TTAnd at what point did that information come?
BRWell, basically right after our radios came back in, it was before we made our low approach, which we might have intended to land and then maybe not. But I think that we wanted to land.
TTIt appears that you did one low approach—
BRYeah, we did do one low approach—
TT—and they were asking, you know, when you were out on the downwind leg, they were asking you if you were seeing anything, you were back out in that area of N-7.
TTBut you didn't see anything and you came back around. Does that make sense that that's when the General Officer might have?
BROK. No, the request was made before we made our—
BR—before we, after our radios came back in and before we made our low approach, which, like I said, I thought we wanted to land. But maybe even before we could tell the ground people we wanted to land someone came over the radios, and said, he didn't say "This is general such-and-such," he just said, they said, "General such-and-such wants you to go back around and over fly the object."
TTBut they identified the general.
BRThey gave his name.
TTBut he did not come over the radio?
BRIt's possible I don't know, he could have—they could have patched him in.
TTOh he could have been at SAC headquarters.
BRHe could have been at SAC headquarters or it could have been Tom Goduto on the HF—instructions could have come over the HF radio because he would have been in contact with headquarters, higher headquarters through that radio all the time anyway. But basically someone told us to go back around and the ground controllers knew that, they could hear, or, well I don't know they could hear, but they knew that we were supposed to go back and over fly the thing. They gave us a heading to fly back over the object and when we made our go-around over the runway, made our turn and headed back, just as soon as we rolled out at wings level there was an orange glow sitting out there, almost off

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