Bradford Runyon Interview, 25 February 2005

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if the crescent part wasn't lit up in the air you know, I could have looked right at the rest of it and really not seen it.
TTRight. Yeah I can imagine that someone underneath the thing would just see a saucer shape.
BRYeah, you wouldn't see the whole thing. Unless there was some big warehouse or a great big building out there the thing was backed up against.
TTYeah well, there's nothing out there.
BRNo I didn't think so, I'd never seen anything that big—
TTNo, in fact Werlich flew out, the Lieutenant Colonel who investigated, he either took a helicopter out there a day or two after and looked to see what was out there, or he knew that area, but he said there was absolutely nothing out there, there was not even, you know, farms and so forth in that specific area. There is Grano, the little town there but he said that's deserted during the day, there wasn't a lot of activity out there but farms. I mean, a hot air balloon?
BRYeah. Hardly.
TTAt 4, 5 in the morning (laughs) on a cold October evening that doesn't seem too logical either. It wasn't a farmer's light or anything, so really there's no reasonable source for a light being out there.
BRNo, especially that bright...
TTEven Partin said he'd been over that area and he'd never seen any lights out there. So I think it really had him stumped because there was just no easy way to explain the thing.
BRUm hum.
TTI am sure I am forgetting to ask you something but between the interviews we got plenty... thanks again for taking the time to do it.
BRYeah, you're welcome. I am glad, you know, to learn what some other people saw.
[transcript ends]

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