Bradford Runyon Interview, 25 February 2005

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TTBut Tom [Goduto] remembers nothing like that. There is no reason for his HF to be on at that point—when you left altitude and if you were landing—
BROK, that's true, yeah that's probably so.
TTMaybe we've covered everything... uh... let me just [inaudible] um...oh let's see... I just want to make sure we've asked all the final questions here...
BRYou know, I don't know whether it was Jan that mentioned it or not, or whether it was in my own mind about flying an airplane capable of dropping nuclear bombs going out and flying over something—if they felt threatened...I can't remember whether that was on my mind or not, but it probably was.
TTYeah. Well I know it was on Pat MaCaslin's too he was concerned flying over this thing 'cause he didn't know what it was and he didn't know what kind of response it would have.
BRThat's exactly right, and if you'd have seen how big it was—
TTWe keep getting back to that damn transcript and ... I mean the one thing we know is it wasn't, we have two other transcripts from the B-52 accident report and they're down to the second, the timings on them are—I mean somebody's saying something and he's at 4:33 and 32 seconds to 35 seconds, I mean it is so exact and then you look at this transcript and you've got sort of general time—
BRRight, there's several minutes in between.
TT—it's not an officially transcribed document—
BRYeah, I wouldn't doubt that.
TT—so, that's unfortunate. Do you recall them informing you that some other radar system had picked it up?
BRWell, I guess that during the debriefing that the general mentioned that the radars had picked that up, maybe the weather radar—but anyway, while we were in the air they might have mentioned that they had it. Well, for one thing they told me at one time that it was at my certain position—they are seeing it in relation to me.
TTYeah, so they had to have identified it on their system. Yeah they kind of avoided the fact that it was multiple radar sightings in the investigation. I think that way they could—if you got two radars on it you can't say that one system's malfunctioning.
TTLet me just read Werlich's account to you and if you have any comments just let me know. "After rolling out of a right turn around to the TACAN initial approach fix, a bright echo suddenly appeared three miles abeam and to the left of the aircraft—"
BRWell it was on right side and it never lost the radar.
TTYeah, and to the left he is talking about after rolling out—
BRUm hum, that's heading back—that's from high altitude, see that was before start of penetration from 20,000.
TT"The echo rapidly closed on the aircraft and remained at about one mile."

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