Bradford Runyon Interview, 25 February 2005

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week, and one was at another base, and one was at our base and I couldn't differentiate the things that were going on from one as opposed to the other. So he did mention that there had been outer and inner alarms activated. Air Police had been sent to investigate, the first Air Police hadn't reported in when they were suppose to, the other Air Police were sent to check and they found the first Air Police either unconscious or coming, regaining consciousness, and the paint was burned off the top of their vehicle that they were in. They had told the other guys that something had, the last they remembered is that something was starting to sit down on them, and they started running and that was the last thing they remembered and then the general officer told us that the Air Police did go onto the missile site and the 20-ton concrete blast door. I don't know, he might have called it blast door, anyway, said a 20-ton concrete lid or door had been moved from the top of one of our Minuteman II missiles and that the inner alarm down the inside the thing had been activated. And he also mentioned that Air Police had seen us fly over, and they had seen the object that was on the ground there take off and fly up and join up with us. Basically that was it. I think that he asked us for any additional input and I don't remember whether I mentioned anything then or not—I just can't remember.
TTYou never described the object when you overflew it?
BRI don't think I ever did. Maybe to some of my friends in Stanboard or something like that, or maybe to some of my crew if they had—when they asked me about it.
TTYeah, that seems odd unless they already knew what the thing looked like, you know (laughs) maybe they did.
BROr maybe they thought I never looked outside the airplane, I have no idea, I don't know why I was ignored, but—
TTAnd nobody in your crew was really talking too much during that debriefing, or being asked questions?
BRI don't think they were asked questions, they were given the opportunity to say anything...and it might be at that point that I might have described the thing as, you know, being egg-shaped—or something like that. I don't recall.
TTApparently you mentioned it to McCaslin as you came out of the aircraft and were walking into the Base Ops. You described what you saw—
BRYeah, OK.
TT—so he must have wanted to know. Did you, at any point, invite those guys to come up and see it?
BRNo, I would never do that anyway.
TTHuh. Yeah. So, and that meeting lasted how long?
BROh, probably 10 - 15 minutes, it wasn't very long, he knew that we were tired and so he didn't keep us.
TTSo, what was, in your estimation, what was the purpose of that briefing?
BRWell it was supposed to have been a debriefing, but we got a briefing.

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