Bradford Runyon Interview, 25 February 2005

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BROK, I know that they mention that Partin was an hour off his timing on the, something that he had said—
TTYeah but that was just a just a simple mistake— Central Daylight Time—
TTThe transcript ends at 9:28 with a general statement that you are on a final for landing. We know you landed at 9:40, that's mentioned many—so there are 12 minutes that seem to have disappeared. Now it could be that that last timing, I don't, I'm not sure this will ever make total sense. We know what time you took the radar scope photos 'cause there's a clock face that's filmed—
BRRight. that was at 4:06, so at 4:06 you're halfway up, somewhere between the fix and—when they say "WT" are they referring to way point?
BRThat was just the name of the fix, the TACAN fix that we were supposed to start our penetration from.
TTThat one up there was, the one that they referred to as "WT?"
BRYes, I don't know what the name of it—
TTBut it wasn't way, it wasn't a short term for waypoint?
BRNo, I don't think so
TTOK, just curious. But you were somewhere between halfway and all the way up there—
TT—so really you were 10-12 minutes away from the base—take you about 10 minutes to go from there in?
BRWell we're still going out too. I can't remember how long it takes to make a penetration. It seems to me like, well I don't want to guess.
TTYeah, anyway the point is that in the documents, your radio goes out for less than four minutes—
TT—not more than four minutes, which means your airspeed would've been pretty high for it to follow you for 20 miles, everybody has it at 20 miles at least, you're a little higher at 25—I mean, what other sort of discrepancies did you see in the documents?
BRWell I just saw some of the missed approach instructions were wrong for that particular runway. Maybe I'm wrong on that; it just seems to me like some of the turns were left out.
TTYeah, especially on the last one—the whole downwind leg's gone
BRYeah, and there's nothing in there about the instruction from the General Officer—but like I said it could have come over on the HF radio.

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