Bradford Runyon Interview, 25 February 2005

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TTHere's the question, did the echo, or the object—at what point did it move from three miles to one mile from the B-52?
BRI believe it was after we had rolled back out and started our penetration or were headed back towards the runway, but McCaslin would know that better than I would.
TTYeah, but that's when you recall that? Because that's the point you got excited, right?
BRRight yes.
TTDo you remember it as occurring at that time?
BRNo, I don't. I don't remember when it went from one side to the other side.
TTOK, now you say one side to the other side, explain that.
BRWell, it initially appeared on the right, right wing at 3 o'clock on their radar scope, and it was on the right according to the Ground Controllers when they wanted me to look out in that direction. And then it was there for several seconds anyway, because I did, you know, look behind and in front of the airplane. I did make a concerted effort to look and I was stretching out and looking. When I couldn't see it, why then I guess we were approaching our turn point and so basically sometime I think after the turn, then it went over to the other side of us and stayed there.
TTOK, you know, really at this point we're telling a story, we're just trying to tell a coherent story 'cause the exact details, we'll never know. McCaslin seems to remember this thing was identified first on your right side—
BRYes, it was uh huh.
TT—but the way it got to your left side is that you turned around then it was on your left side. I don't see any point where that object could be behind you, unless when you were coming around it could have been behind you somehow. But it never moved across—
BRI, I don't know how it got from one side to the other—
BR—and of course, you know, the tail gunner says that he saw it go behind us on his radar.
TTYeah, maybe at some point it did appear back there, but I'm not sure that's going to ever be crystal clear—
TT...'cause I'm not sure that you guys at the time knew what was going on—you were guessing too.
BRUm hum.
TTBut anyway as soon as it closed to about one mile is the point where your radios went out?
BRRight, that's correct. Well, our radios were out before we started our penetration so it had either happened before—well basically it happened before we started penetration 'cause, like I say, I wasn't able to let them know we were leaving, changing altitudes.

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