Bradford Runyon Interview, 25 February 2005

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BR—to the side yeah, so my concentration was on that dark spot at first. So we're flying beside the object and then I take my eye away from that, you know I just sort of glanced, just, there was really nothing to see, just this dull reddish, and I didn't see the bottom, and I didn't see the top, I'm just looking along the side, and it might be my field of view was limited looking across the airplane also. And so then we come to a metallic cylinder, sort of like stainless steel or shiny aluminum or something like that. It's protruding from the end of this thing and it's on the ground and the ground is just well lighted here. I mean, I could see maybe trees, bushes or breaks in the ground, I could see different things on the ground.
TTOK. It was fairly bright.
BRWell lit, uh huh, and so as we are going past this I looked back and I thought that this thing might be pretty close to the first big part of the object, but it appeared to be attached and it was coming out of the end of it, and that end was, it was well lit and it was, well it was sort of barn red, but it was lighter, it was a whole lot brighter than it was down the sides. Basically I figure from the glow from the next section, which was sort of like a crescent moon, but it was a crescent-shaped object and it was attached to the other end of the cylinder and the light illuminating from it had the cylinder completely illuminated just about as if it was daylight really. And the crescent-shaped part appeared to be solid but it appeared to be almost translucent like you could almost see through it, but it didn't have anything wavy or anything, it was solid, the lines were distinct on it and it was as high or higher, it was higher than the tubular section was, but not a whole lot higher, but it wasn't nearly as high as the main body of the thing was. And as we banked over it to make our crosswind I guess we were told to turn about that time and our radios went out again because I did transmit something and they didn't receive, and so as we went by it was pretty good size also because, that is all that really showed up, or maybe I was just concentrating on it and didn't see anything else. But at one point I could see it and the tubular section and the front part of the main body together, but it took us several seconds to go around the thing, to make our turn. It was probably in view, I don't know, well several seconds anyway.
TTBut not more than 10 or 12 seconds?
BRProbably I would probably put ten seconds in the range because we flew down the side of it for about two or three, maybe four seconds...
TTAt this point is the plane banked?
BRNo, we are just level and we don't bank until we get right to the end of it. Major Partin started his turn just as we got abreast of the end of it and turned almost over the top of the thing. I'm sure we were told to turn by the Ground Controllers so they knew exactly where we were in relation to it.
TTWhich is a little confusing because you're saying that your radios are out. Oh, but you could he—
BRWe could receive, and they probably told us to turn and I probably answered and they didn't, that's when they didn't receive my—
TTSo you're implying that they knew exactly where this thing was?

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