Bradford Runyon Interview, 25 February 2005

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BRWell, it was just a maintenance debriefing—standard thing, we just told the maintenance crews if there was anything wrong with our airplane, like they have one maintenance guy for the pilots, one—
TTWell would you have mentioned the radio problems?
BRI would have if we'd had any problems, but they were working just fine. Yeah, same with the radar it was working just fine.
TTDid they ask you about what you had seen?
BRI really can't remember— just wanted to get out of there (laughs).
BRYes, because we were all tired. And I'm sure that we were emotionally drained too as well as physically tired.
TTAnd then at some point they told you to return for a briefing. Can you talk about that?
BRI believe, before we left we were notified to be at a certain place later that morning for debriefing, or some time during the day, but you know, it was already morning and it seemed to me like it was just a few hours.
TTYeah, but you went home—
BRYes I went home and, you know, cleaned up, came back and then we met up with a general officer and his aide I believe.
TTAnd this was both radar guys—
BRRight McCaslin and Chuck Richie.
TT—Goduto and Arlie Judd, it was actually five of you guys?
BRUh, uh Arlie Judd. Yeah, I don't think that Partin came there with us—
TTI don't think so either.
BRHe probably had something else to do anyway.
TTYou know, there was that morning in base operations, or actually, Werlich, you know, 862nd [Combat] Support Group—he was the base operations officer. He was also the UFO investigating officer for Blue Book—he called back some of the ground personnel, and he remembers [actually, A1C Robert O'Connor recalls that B-52 crewmembers were present at this meeting] there might have been two people from your plane there too. But it wasn't you, right?
BRIt wasn't me, no.
TTIt's possible, he [Werlich] mentions in one of his reports that he interviewed Partin and McCaslin—so I think Partin and McCaslin might have showed up in his office that same morning at some point, to brief him.
BRIt could be, well see, they would have had to go over their bombing things but they always have a Bomb Nav debriefing also afterwards—

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