Bradford Runyon Interview, 25 February 2005

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TTOK, so you overflew the object. Do you remember how long your radio was out during that time? And was it only when you were over the object?
BRYeah it was only when we were over the object.
TTReally in close, in proximity to it—
BRYeah, just as soon as we got away from it again why they could hear us again.
TTAnd following that—
BRWe landed, and then had our debriefings.
TTLet's see, Don Cagle was on board too. I'll talk to Don about that.
BRYeah, ask him how such an outstanding pilot as himself could miss seeing something like that (laughs).
TTSo irresponsible (laughs)—
BRThat's right (laughs), well, there's no way he'd trust his airplane to his co-pilot. I mean, I've made mistakes before and, as a matter of fact, I never did thank Tom Goduto for saving me one time, I forgot to close some slipway doors on a CEG [sp?] ride and Tom caught it and saved me on that.
TTWhat kind of doors?
BRWhen you air refuel you have these doors, or slipway doors that come open on top, you have to open them up. After refueling you are supposed to close them and I missed them on the checklist and Tom Goduto caught it.
TTOh, good.
BR—he's pretty sharp too. Yeah, he had to look after the co-pilots. Usually the co-pilots were the newest or the dumbest on the crew, they would look after us.
TTSo then you landed the plane, at some point they—
BRUh, Partin did.
TTYeah, at some point they mentioned over the transcript that somebody should come into Base Ops.
BRRight, they called us on one of our radios.
TTI guess normally I would have expected Cagle to be the one to do that.
BRRight, he would have but he had an appointment, and he had to leave right away.
TTWell you guys landed at 20 to five, and he was out of there in two hours.
BRI don't know, his wife might have met him. Yeah, he was supposed to have left at, I think he said at 7:00 o'clock. He didn't have much leeway in there.
TTNo wonder he didn't remember, he didn't think about it once he left.
BRNo, he was thinking about his new career.
TTYeah. So, you guys went into a debriefing, what was that like?

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