Bradford Runyon Interview, 25 February 2005

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TTYeah, he [McCaslin] remembers that they came out on the flight line to take his film away.
BRYeah, yeah, I remember that...
TT...which was unusual for him 'cause usually he'd bring it in and hand it in to them
TT...but they came out there, boom, you know...
BRRight, yeah., I mean, do you recall that at all?
BRNo I don't recall that.
TTYeah... yeah, and then again some days later he recalls reviewing the film with a group of officers. He can't identify where they came from, so there was some off base interest.
BRRight I think that they, some of them might have come from Langley—
TTOh yeah?
TTYeah. Oh, I see what you're saying...
TTOK, let's talk a little about the briefing then. What did it involve? Can you visualize the office?
BRNo I can't anymore. It seems like it was small office and it was plenty for the few of us who were there. But it wasn't a great big place or anything. I don't think that I had been there before but I don't think I had ever been in a general's office or briefing room before either, so I don't know who the general officer was. I didn't know him at the time, so I—but I didn't know any of them.
TTHe was the actually the Strategic Aerospace Division Commander, 810th...[Brigadier General Ralph T. Holland].
BRI would have known the name but that would be all.
TTYeah you wouldn't normally deal with them.
TT—they would be just really overseeing operations of both wings. They also had responsibility for Malmstrom and Glasgow at the time.
BR(nodding) Uh huh, OK.
TTYeah. So, and let's talk about what you recall him telling you because that's interesting.
BROK. Well basically, instead of asking us any questions, basically he just informed us as to what had gone on during the previous, during that night, and he had mentioned about outer and inner alarms going off at one of the missile sites, and one thing that he did mention that there had been two different instances having to do with missiles within a

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