Arlie E. Judd Interview, 27 February 2001

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AJ:When they closed Kinchlow I came down here and they gave me the flight school here at Carswell. They had a flight school that trained all B-52 specialties, and a lot of training for people who went over to Southeast Asia, and they'd bring 'em through here for a couple of weeks of ground training, and then a couple weeks of flying training and then send 'em back to Southeast Asia.
INT:Did you fly in Viet Nam?
AJ:Yes, I did. I spent; I think I had 60 missions over there, so—
INT:In the B-52?
AJ:Yes. The D model flying out of Odipau, and flying out of Guam and we'd go over for 90 days at a time and then you come back and then you stay awhile and when it came your turn for your crew to return, why then you'd go back again, so, everybody took their turn. It wasn't any favoritism going on. Everybody just took their lumps and went back over there.
INT:Now all you guys ended up over there?
INT:And then how did you—now you're back down here in Fort Worth?
AJ:I stayed here. There was a General Hughes that was our commander for a while, he was at Kinchlow, and he got promoted and assigned to the Air Division here and he called me up and asked me if I wanted to be his advisor. I had made chief as a result of the tour at the school and then I worked for him for about a year and a half, and then he left and then another General came in and I stayed. And I finished up my tour here at Carswell. I was the advisor, what they call the senior enlisted advisor.
AJ:Each General had a chief, and I got to be the General chief and it was a fantastic job. Got to help a lot of people, and it was mostly just a people job, and it was very enjoyable. My entire career in the Air Force, except for the extreme sometimes, I don't remember any time when I wasn't ready to get up and do what needed to be done for that day because each flight was a challenge. It was never the same and it was always working with excellent people.
INT:Yeah. And your crew at Minot was the top crew?

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