Arlie E. Judd Interview, 27 February 2001

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INT:'What did you guys see up there?' and that kind of thing?
AJ:Yeah, it was just, you know, chatter back and forth with nothing specific, really.
INT:Um, so apparently then you guys went home. Now at some point you were ordered back.
AJ:Yes. It was another gathering, but I can't remember exactly how that went. It was the next day—
INT:Do you remember where it was?
AJ:I thought it was in the squadron area up there.
INT:So in your normal area?
AJ:Yes. They had briefing rooms and conference rooms and so forth, and it seemed like to me it was in a conference room.
INT:I mean, do you have a visual of that meeting? Who was there, was it a big room, small room?
AJ:Yeah, I think it was a small room and there was an officer that we weren't acquainted with—
INT:Do you remember who your Division Commander was?
INT:Does Ralph Holland ring a bell?
AJ:Yes. I knew of him. I knew he was the Division Commander, and I had seen him on some occasions.
INT:Was he the man that debriefed you?
AJ:No. As far as I know I don't think it was. I would remember the Division Commander.
INT:Could it have been some of the Strategic Missile Wing guys that debriefed you?
AJ:It might've been. Yeah

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