Arlie E. Judd Interview, 27 February 2001

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INT:But it was actually with you quite awhile. When it appeared on your scope was that a normal appearance? Did it look, you know?
AJ:It was a normal refle—it worked—radar works off of reflectivity, so it was a normal reflection of a target. It was not distorted. It was a clean, clear target but my amazement was that it moved from 1,000 yards to 12,000 yards in such a short period of time. He was at that—first time I seen him on the scope, he was 1,000 yards aft, and the next time I seen him he was 12,000 yards away. He was going away, but I only painted him twice, and so—
INT:Oh, he moved that in 3 seconds?
AJ:He moved that in a period of 3 seconds or so.
INT:So each sweep is 3 seconds on your scope?
AJ:Well it sweeps back and forth every half-second and you got 2 radars that sweep back and forth, and he was in the coverage of both radars. When he painted he was at 1,000 yards, and the next time I seen him he was at 12, and it was—
INT:So he moved in half-seconds?
AJ:In half seconds, or maybe in one second he was at 12,000 yards.
INT: And so when you say both were painted, so he was dead behind you?
AJ:He was probably 30° to the right, which would've been off to the left wing, perhaps, but the speed of the B-52 was going forward, and he's going aft, so take that into consideration, but also the fact that the rapid movement. I've never seen anything move that fast before.
INT:Yeah, Pat made the same comment; he'd never seen anything move that—On his scope, he watched it moved from 3 miles off, to one mile in one sweep. So somewhere under 3 seconds it moved 2 miles.
INT: And how long did you observe it on your scope?
AJ:It was just a matter of seconds. Like, in a 5 second period, or maybe 10 second period, but I seen it once, and I seen it again, and I never seen it again. I really paid attention to the scope from then on, but a target that bright was really a definite, definite target. And, you know, sometimes

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