Arlie E. Judd Interview, 27 February 2001

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INT:Right. Okay. Oh, 'cause he was doing the opposite of what you were doing?
AJ:Yes, right. That's true.
INT:You only remember this on your system for a very short time...
INT: —McCaslin had it on his for quite awhile—10 minutes.
AJ:Right. If he was off the wing, which I understood that's where they were, then I wouldn't be able to see, because that system would only look like 160° from the end of the tail system, from that area, so I wouldn't see anything until it got aft of the aircraft.
INT:This was what really blew McCaslin's mind, is when you guys started your approach descent, the thing maintained it's distance, moved over to the other side of the airplane. McCaslin was a little concerned at that point. He thought, 'we're turning into this thing? So when they did, the thing backed out, and it maintained a perfect distance—
INT:...and then moved back over to this side of the plane. So he was like, 'Wait a second here somebody's making a decision to maintain a distance here.' Do you remember that?
AJ:I remember all the talk that was going on about that and it was just amazing. You know, I was beginning to—when he was starting to talk about they'd seen a light but then he'd start talking about seeing the radar returns on his radarscope, I was beginning to become a believer at that time, that there was something with us, that was going with us and it was just—it wasn't fear, it was just amazement that, you know, that there—I didn't, you know, for some reason I just never was in fear of it, I was just amazed. Because I always had heard, you know, that there was such a thing, but I never did have any evidence and now it appeared that the evidence was there.
INT:At that point, apparently this thing dropped down on the ground as you guys came down and hit your flight level for your approach. This thing just kept going down to the ground, then the captain saw it as a flight return next sweep faint return next sweep, nothing. So he interpreted that as a descent, I guess. And at that point, your radios came back. Do you remember the radios being out?

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