Arlie E. Judd Interview, 27 February 2001

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when the radar reported on his scope that he had seen—he was making some contact with something, and—
INT:Do you remember that point in the whole incident very well? What do you remember, for example, what the captain said over the intercom?
AJ:He said, 'Pilot, I've got a—I can see a target.' And if I remember correctly, when the pilot said that they seen the light, it was a light out there, then shortly thereafter I believe he said he seen something on his radar. It was showing up as a blip on the radar, but in that process, he said that it's going away. I don't remember if he said it was changing elevation or what, but he said that—but I seen it on the fire control radar very clearly. It was totally independent. It picked up at about a thousand yards, a huge target comparable to a KC-135. Whenever the KC-135 would roll out behind us I would always be able to see that in his position, but this target looked that big, and then it showed once that a thou—
INT:As big as?
AJ:As big as a KC-135 as far as the reflectivity. I couldn't tell the size, but just the strength of the reflectivity would show a much brighter.
INT:Do you have the ability to determine a distance as well?
AJ:Yes, the scope was aligned with scribe marks on it, so it would show every 1,000 yards had a scribe mark on it. And so that showed up at 1,000 yards, and the next time I seen it, it was at 12,000 yards, and then it disappeared.
INT:Let's stop there a second. [Switches tape]. So at the same time the captain saw this, you saw it?
AJ:No. After it disa—he said, 'It's going away.' He talked about not seeing it on his scope at a short period time. He said, 'I think it's changing in elevation.'
INT:How long did the captain have this on his system?
AJ:I would say in seconds it was, you know, like maybe 30 seconds or so, if that long. Something like that, perhaps.
INT:Now, just to help your memory and all, in the documents and from past discussions it stayed with you for quite awhile. You were about 35 miles when it came up behind you, and I think it stayed with you for about 25 miles?

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