Arlie E. Judd Interview, 27 February 2001

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AJ:Yeah, it would. Yeah, I got a picture—we all laid down on the ramp one time, all laid down on the ramp in a circle and the navigator took our pictures laying on the ramp, and it was a good picture.
INT:Do you remember that camera being used that night? Would that have been used on a training mission?
AJ:They didn't use it very much. They exercise it at some point in the mission to make sure it worked, but I don't think anybody was thinking about that at that time.
INT:Is it the sort of thing that's always loaded and ready to go?
AJ:You had to exercise it every so often, but it had to be a special mission when they needed to take pictures.
INT:The only reason I ask is Brad remembers the GO saying, 'Over fly the thing and film it. Maybe the General Officer didn't know you weren't capable of doing that. Maybe he was referring to the radarscope.
AJ:I'm sure he was referring to the radarscope pictures.
INT:At that point the object's down on the ground, so why would you film radar to the ground?
AJ:I don't know if it would a shown up. Your gro—radar picks up all that ground clutter. That radar paints a pretty good definition of what the ground looks like.
INT:You get relief and whatever?
AJ:Yeah, you'll get the relief on it, and it paints things like power lines, and especially they would use for their bombing offsets, a lot of times they use tank farms—fuel storage areas or grainery's and things like that where they get a lot of reflectivity from it, and you get a good ground picture. You get like a stream or a river showed up real bright, so that would've been good if they could a taken a picture that way. I would've thought that if it would've been highly reflective and below us, that would've shown. Yeah. There was a function on that, they had to go to ground map or something. It tilted the antenna to where it got better reflectivity from the ground, called 'ground map low' or something like that. And it was designed to pick up more accurate returns from the ground.
INT:Do you remember talking to the maintenance guys about this incident?
AJ:There was some talk about it, yeah.

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