Arlie E. Judd Interview, 27 February 2001

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AJ:We were on the evaluation flight and there was a gunner that was on there for re-qualification, and he only had to re-qualify in a couple of areas, and he got finished with his re-qualification, and I took the gunners seat and it was just a standard mission. It was an evaluation mission. You had to do certain things on an evaluation. You had to have a navigation leg and you had to refuel and you had to drop high bombs and low bombs and be scored and then come back and do a lot of pilot work. So the co-pilot had to qualify the pilot and that took a lot of penetrations and approaches and touch and go's.
INT:Yeah. So you remember evaluating a gunner on that flight?
AJ:If I'm not mistaken.
INT:I'll correct you because that's—Jack Partin was being evaluated.
AJ:Yes he was. Yes.
INT:Do you remember that?
AJ:Yes. Well maybe I'm thinking about another flight, so that could be. We used to do about 3 of 'em a week, and that's probably what it was.
INT:You must've flown a hundred of 'em, you know? So walk us through the event that occurred, I mean—
AJ:When we came back into the local area where we'd get passed from Minneapolis Center to Minot Approach Control, and we would start a penetration and start towards the base and get passed off to Radar Approach Control, and they would tell you what altitudes and what headings to maintain to get you down to do a touch and go on the runway.
INT:So you're between the control tower and the co-pilot and—
AJ:And the pilot, right. And the navigators would help keep you lined up and at the altitudes and so forth, so it was kind of a crew project. But then there was some words from the tower that UFO's had been reported in the area, and they asked us if we'd ask the crew to watch out for strange lights and—
INT:Were you hearing radio traffic?
AJ:I heard all the radio traffic. Yes.
INT:Okay. So you guys were all connected?

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