Arlie E. Judd Interview, 27 February 2001

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INT:So you don't have any visual of that guys face or who he was?
AJ:No, I don't really.
INT:Was he a General?
AJ:I don't think so, because that would've really impressed me and I would've remembered that.
INT:What wouldn't have impressed you, a Colonel?
AJ:Well yeah. I mean we associated with the staff and there were a lot of Colonels on the staff, and...and they were amongst us. I mean, they were part of the—
INT:Was he there with an aide, was he there alone debriefing you guys?
AJ:I believe there was someone with him if I'm not mistaken; there were 2 people there.
INT:And what was the tenor of the meeting? It wasn't normal for you guys to do this, right?
AJ:No. No, it was not. If I remember correctly, what the crew got out of it when we left was that, is this really necessary? From those guys, is this—were not really too concerned about it. I mean it wasn't a concern that they were having.
INT:Which is odd because why the hell do a debriefing then if they weren't really asking you guys concrete questions? Did they ask you about your radar returns?
AJ:I mentioned my radar returns. That was my confirmation of what somebody else had seen. I said, 'Well it was also on my radar.' But there wasn't any follow through, very much follow through there far as I can remember, but it was to me, and what the crew always called stuff like that was cover your ass type stuff, you know, in case somebody happened to ask them, 'yes, we've debriefed the crew' and 'we've taken care of our stuff' and that's what it appeared to me to be.
INT:At Minot did you know Colonel Werlich?
AJ:Yes. Yes, I did know him. He was part of the staff and I don't remember exactly what his position was, but Werlich is a name that I remember quite well.

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