Arlie E. Judd Interview, 27 February 2001

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AJ:Yeah. I remember that they were trying to talk to the control tower and they couldn't—they weren't trans—they weren't getting through.
INT:Do you remember at what point that radio system went out?
AJ:Sometime on the approach, and I'm not sure when it was, but I know that they had trouble talking to the tower and talking to approach control.
INT:But you don't remember it for that entire period of time?
INT:All right. And then what happened after that on your low approach? Do you have a recall?
AJ:I remember that they were still talking about having an object out there someplace.
INT:Well, apparently at that point, there was, you know, and Brad's memory is, is that a General Officer was patched into the control tower radio, and the pilots were ordered to fly back around. They didn't really want to do it they just wanted to get on the ground at that point.
AJ:I remember that they didn't want to make the go—they wanted to land, that's what they want—that's what their intention was, to land, and that we had to make another go around.
INT:Do you remember doing that go around?
AJ:I remember that they were supposed to be looking to see if there was anything out there on the go around and—but I don't remember very much about that.
INT:They actually did see the object below the airplane. Do you remember their comments at that time?
AJ:It seemed like Brad Runyon had made some comments about it and but can't recall exactly what was—
INT:You guys didn't want to go take a look?
AJ:[Laughs]. I don't remember that part of it.
INT:So then you guys just turned your base leg, and landed. Do you remember what happens after that?

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