Arlie E. Judd Interview, 27 February 2001

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INT:He was the UFO project officer at Minot; he was the one responsible for the investigation.
AJ:It was what they call additional duty. That's how that they took care of things like.
INT:Now do you remember him talking to you guys after the fact?
AJ:I don't have any recall of that.
INT:He never contacted you as far as you know?
AJ:Not personally. I don't remember getting back together as a group again as a complete group again.
INT:Now, Pat remembers also a third meeting where they invited the navigator and the radar nav in, and they showed them the images that he shot.
AJ:I think they were still covering, you know making sure that they had covered all their bases of things they thought they were supposed to do.
INT:Have you ever had any other incidents?
AJ:No. Never had. That was the only time we had anything like that happen.
INT: What was your impression of that?
AJ:My impression was that they were talking about the images that they were getting on their scope, and then all of a sudden there was some movement, they were talking about movement, and there it was on my scope and I seen it and it was abs—
INT:At the point that it's moving, you pick it up?
AJ:Yes, and I picked it up when they were talking about movement, and then I picked it up on my scope and it was such a brilliant target and the thing is, as you get down below a certain altitude, you start picking up ground returns from low altitude—I call it ground clutter.
INT:I would think around Minot you're not going to pick up much ground clutter.
AJ:That's true. There's not that much clutter, but how this target was it—all of a sudden it was just there and it was bright and there wasn't any—it just definitely no, there was no doubt in my mind, it was so definite, that I was

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