James F. Bond Sr. Interview, 26 February 2005

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JB:I'm not sure. [Reading] "Sergeant Smith at Oscar-1 saw the object separate in two. At this time Juliet Flt and Mike Flt Team observed the same things and described it in the same way." I didn't see it split, but it's very possible it could have.
TT:In your 117 you do report two objects for a period of three minutes and "one came under the other and one disappeared."
JB:And that's when I was thinking maybe because they told me about the B-52—that that might have been what I was seeing. They were different kind of lights, [Reading] "The approximate grid coordinates—"
TT:They had the thing landing about two or three miles northeast of N-7. And that's approximately where the B-52 overflew the object on the ground, so everything occurred just a couple of miles from N-7, you know, and the maintenance guys they saw it off the road as they were driving down, to the east, and the thing paced them to the south, as they were moving, and a lot of their sightings were in that area, between them and the base.
JB:I remember the combat crew said something about the maintenance team was getting a little flaky out there and they might need some, some help from security, because they were getting a little scared. My crew asked me if I saw anything. At the time I didn't because I wasn't looking out in that way, and I had lights on inside and it was fairly light with a lot of reflection in the windows. So, that's when I went and turned off the lights inside to go look.
TT:So yeah, I don't know where that information comes from and it was a co-incidental document, you follow what I'm saying?
JB:It might have been at another site that they were talking about. I remember going into the base after we got back and going into this room and somebody telling us they were so-and-so, and giving us this big pack of material, "whatever you can remember—take your time with it." He didn't say, "feel free to talk among yourselves if you remember something, or if you need to remember something"...he didn't say that. And I don't remember the cook ever being interviewed either, or if the facility manager if he was there.
TT:Were out there for a week during that period?
TT:So you came in maybe a few days later, or do you recall when?
JB:No. It very well could have been the next day; it could have been a day later.
TT:When you came back in that's when you think you filled that report out?
JB:Yeah, exactly, when we got back in we stored our equipment, checked our weapons in and we had to go clean the bus—that was a must. "Better clean that vehicle before you bring it back in here."
TT:The mud and so forth off it?
JB:Yeah, see, the guys going out, they'd always muddy it up and we got stuck with taking it back and cleaning it up. It would have been just my team and well the 6 of us.
TT:Yeah but the only people who filled out the forms were Jabonski, Adams and you, so they never did bother to talk to the off-duty. But they didn't interview you or debrief you; they just had you fill the report out?

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