James F. Bond Sr. Interview, 26 February 2005

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JB:Now the other, the security police they didn't have anything to do with us, we didn't have anything to do with them.
TT:OK. Do you remember the Wing Commander?
TT:Colonel B.H. Davidson?
JB:Now, the only Davidson I had as a commander was at Lackland. He was a bird Colonel.
TT:OK, so they're down there with the maintenance team. Do you recall being notified about the B-52?
JB:Yeah, the capsule crew told me.
TT:Ah, what did they tell you?
JB:That there was one being diverted. It had come back from somewhere, they didn't tell me where it came back from—it wasn't one that they dispatched from the base. It had already been somewhere else on a mission, and was coming back to the base and they sent it to that area.
TT:Did they tell you what the results of that were?
TT:They did? What do you recall?
JB:About the lights, about the crew telling them what they were seeing, they didn't tell me which crewmember they were talking to about losing communications with the base. Not much more than that they were pretty tight lipped about it. They wanted to know what I was seeing.
TT:Yeah, at that point things were heated up a little bit with the B-52 getting involved. Did you see the B-52 from your position at N-1?
TT:You couldn't see that far.
TT:Could you see N-7 with the security lights on from your position?
TT:Yeah, it's 10 miles, I was just curious. Jablonski thought he could. Jablonski remembers he was at N-1 at the time you got the call, and that everybody went outside, was standing outside looking at it. Now obviously, you'd probably stay inside.
JB:Yeah, they may have been. I didn't leave to go get anybody. You could have everybody up all at one same time in the Rec area, shooting pool, watching TV, reading or whatever else—they didn't all sleep all the time. Another thing we had to do was check our ground temperature.
TT:Oh, why was that?
JB:Well the base would call and want to know what your ground temperature was.

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