James F. Bond Sr. Interview, 26 February 2005

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TT:Hardened antenna.
JB:Yeah. Where I'm looking straight towards the object, whatever it was. My garage would have been over here, it wasn't anywhere near the antenna, didn't come near my site, my LCF. Just didn't happen.
TT:Do you recall how the object disappeared what direction it was when you last sighted it?
JB:I'd say basically in the same area, but it just kinda, it was just there and then it was gone.
TT:You were reporting it right up until 5:18 in the morning, so you first saw it at 3:08, so you guys were watching it—
JB:A little over two hours. And I basically was in pretty much constant communications with my capsule crew too, letting them know what was going on. And they were interested, real interested. Someone somewhere would be able to tell you who that crew was. They'd spend 24 hours out and then they'd fly them back. They might not come out again for another 2-3 days.
TT:The last sighting that all you guys reported was this thing real low on the horizon, and a green color, does that ring any bell?
JB:Kind of a glow, yeah. And that might have something to do with the cold weather—it was cold but it was clear.
TT:But do you remember that green color?
JB:Vaguely kind of like an outer glow maybe.
TT:Other colors you observed or just white light?
JB:None that I can think of and then the only red I can think of was probably coming from the B-52's itself, the red marker lights. And when they [Jablonski and Adams] got back to the LCF, we didn't talk about it that much because everybody had already been talked out.
TT:Were those guys real excited or worked up about it?
JB:Mild excitement.
JB:In fact, I think when they came back in, they got out of the vehicle and secured it, came in, I don't even think they got anything to eat. I think they sat and read, watched the tube or whatever. They were awful quiet.
TT:Well thanks for taking the time, appreciate it—
JB:Well you are welcome.
[transcription end]

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