James F. Bond Sr. Interview, 26 February 2005

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JB:You couldn't get out.
TT:Oh, they couldn't get the transport—
JB:—they wouldn't fly our people, a lot of times we'd fly back, bring the Huey out with the relief crew and fly the Huey back in. But most of the time they had to drive a bus from Minot, from the support base during white outs, snow, blizzard—you name it. That's how we got back and forth.
TT:No snowmobiles huh? (laughs)
JB:We had a TrackMaster in our garage we could use.
TT:Oh, if things got really bad.
JB:Did anybody ever try again to get ahold of Jablonski?
TT:Yeah I interviewed him.
JB:I'd like to spend more time to look at that [hands document binder back to TT].
TT:Sure. Was Adams afro-American? [Gregory Adams was the other SAT member].
JB:I don't believe so.
TT:Well he must have only been there for a short period of time
JB:I wish I could recall more about him—
TT:I think he was only there for a few months. I think they kind of put him in that position and he really didn't want to be there, and I think he was actually on his way out of the Air Force right then.
JB:Well yeah, that's possible.
TT:Do you remember your off-duty guys? Remember a guy named Wes Akre?
JB:Lets see, the crew that was off-duty was, there was an Airman First Class who was the other controller, I was the ranking NCO out there. And then he had the two Airmen that worked for him, and we had a cook—can't recall his name because they changed quite a bit—then we had the Facility Manager the person that took care of the cleanliness of the site and the upkeep and all that stuff. That's everybody that was out there,
TT:So you had 8 guys above ground and 2 below? Do you remember the other FSC's name?
JB:No unless it's in there somewhere [indicates binder].
TT:No it's not, Jablonski told us that one of the other SAT Team members that was off-duty at the time name was Wes Akre, A-k-r-e?
JB:That's very possible that name rings a bell.
TT:OK. Those guys didn't regularly work with you? Did you always have different security police?
JB:We pretty much had the same people that go out—somebody got sick or they were on annual leave or whatever, they'd always be replaced.
TT:Did you always work November?

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