James F. Bond Sr. Interview, 26 February 2005

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JB:Yeah, well they were pretty much telling me that they were seeing the same thing, and it was moving, they said that a series of strange looking things and "I don't hear anything" and from where I was I didn't hear any, 'course I was quite a bit of ways from it.
TT:So you were seeing it kind of low on the horizon?
TT:Did it ever go up high into the sky?
JB:Not that I—it basically stayed low from where I was at, like if I were looking through the window right here, it would be like halfway above where that tree is over there.
TT:Right, you were 10 miles north of N-7?
TT:About 20-30 miles from base, Minot AFB?
JB:About thirty, maybe a little over 30 miles. We were closer to Canada than we were to base. We were about three miles from the Canadian border.
TT:So they met the maintenance team, do you recall them talking about that at all?
JB:No, and that wasn't unusual, I do remember radio chatter and things like that, but exactly what was said now, I don't remember.
TT:Yeah and again your combat team were they still in the loop on the communications and everything through this whole time. So you were in contact with them constantly, down below?
JB:Pretty much, all I had to do was pick up. I had a phone that went directly to them.
TT:Oh, so you weren't like talking to them all the time but...
JB:We talked for one time, we talked for maybe 20-25 minutes without me hanging up the phone. They're were saying, "Boy I wish I could see that."
TT:Were you ever in contact with Base Operations Dispatcher?
JB:No only Central Security Control.
TT:Which would be what Wing Security Control?
TT:You called it Central or...?
JB:Central, yep that was CSC. Central Security Control.
TT:Was there a Wing Security Control?
JB:There was, now our Central Security Control was for the missile field. Security for the B-52s and all that stuff, the rest of the base was separate from them and they didn't have anything to do with—but they were in the same building.
TT:Right, it was all under the 862nd Combat Support Group?
JB:Whatever the Wing was. We were under the 91st.

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