James F. Bond Sr. Interview, 26 February 2005

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TT:Sort of like a Navy hatch I guess you might call it.
TT:And underneath that there's what?
JB:Well, you'd see a combination lock, something like that.
TT:So it took two separate teams to access that.
JB:Right, what you have to remember about nuclear weapons there's always gotta be two of everything. Two-man policy, SAC two man policy is what they called it, and believe it or not I can still recite this: "any time a completed nuclear weapon, a disassembled nuclear weapon, or a nuclear component is not in complete secure storage, not less than two authorized persons, each capable of detecting incorrect procedures with respect to the task being performed, will be allowed physical presence of the weapon." You better know that policy. It was to keep one person from doing something the other one didn't know anything about.
TT:Let's say that you had to access the silo to do whatever; lets say a retargeting out there. What was your job in assisting them to access it?
JB:We would be outside the site. Once they got in, it was their site—it was theirs. Matter of fact, we'd probably leave.
TT:Did you need to provide keys or codes to access that?
JB:Yeah we could. Now we didn't have to be there, they would put in their codes and that would open up top to where they could get down to the missile, without blowing the door.
TT:Yeah, they'd drop that plug down that big steel plug and then they could get in—
JB:Then they had access to the missile there because once you opened that door...
TT:But you didn't have the keys for it?
TT:Did you have a key to open that access to the combinations?
JB:To ours.
TT:OK, and you guys probably also had a key to the Soft Support Building? Where like the maintenance guys went to check the cooling systems and generators? That's what they went out there to do.
JB:No, there wasn't any of that, none of that was in the missile site. Not involving the missile—
TT:They would have to call you if they went into that Soft Support they had to authenticate?
JB:Yeah, we would go out there and meet them. They would have already authenticated with the base. We'd get out there and see who they were and check their identification and everything, they wouldn't go on the site until we got there. Once they got there—
TT:But wait a second, they would have to go on the site to call you?

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