James F. Bond Sr. Interview, 26 February 2005

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TT:Let's talk about what you can remember. How were you notified about it, and can you talk about the incident itself, the events anyway?
JB:As near as I can recollect, my capsule crew called me and asked me if I saw anything out of the ordinary and strange and, you know, what direction, they told me to look over towards— I think it was Mike, we pretty much know what direction another field was in and—
TT:Yeah, Mike was southwest of you.
JB:Yeah, kinda in that area, and at that time I did not see anything. I went over to the window and I turned my lights off inside the room—so I didn't, because with the lights on, you couldn't see outside, really. So I turned all the lights off and after a while, I got, yeah, I did see something over there, so I called them back and told them about what I saw, about the light and they told me, well, believe it or not, there's a maintenance crew over there that's really scared out of their gourds because this thing is right in the area where they're at, and they're trying to do a reprogram on one of the birds that's in one of the holes over there—and I thought that a little strange.
TT:You would know about that?
JB:Um hum
TT:You would have been notified that they were doing that particular type of work?
JB:Well, only if it was on our site in November.
TT:OK. Oh at this point you didn't know if they were referring to N-7, or were they referring to some other some other missile flight?
JB:I didn't know which, I thought it was some other site they were referring to.
TT:Oh, OK. So all that communication was going to the Combat Crew and coming up to you?
JB:Yeah. I didn't have communication with anybody over there. Only people I had communication with was my two guys that were out roaming, doing their stuff.
TT:Yeah, OK and then what happened?
JB:I watched for, I don't know how long it was, then, you know, I was also talking to Central Security Control [WSC] back at the Support Base, telling them what was going on, and they were asking me all of these questions about, you know, how many? What kind? What color? Have you had any alarms? I said "no," you know, anything goes out, my combat crew's gonna be the first one to tell me. But, other than that, and the combat crew did tell me that there was a B-52 being rerouted to the area and they were gonna check on it, they also told me that they had been talking to the B-52 crew by radio from the capsule and about seeing the thing, it following them, also about losing all communications in their airplane when it got close to them, and for how many minutes they had no contact with the support base or anything else, Yeah, that was real strange.
TT:Well, it was a little bit stranger because all they lost was their transmission.
JB:Um hum.
TT:As far as you know they lost all their communications, but they could receive, but couldn't transmit which was, you know, odd in itself too.

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