James F. Bond Sr. Interview, 26 February 2005

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JB:Basically yeah.
TT:And was that the last you ever heard about it?
TT:You never asked about it?
JB:No, we didn't talk about it. Well, the way we worked, we worked so much classified stuff you know.
TT:Nobody had to tell you how to conduct yourself.
JB:No. Well, and another thing, the B-52 radarscope—there's no way a star would have been like that.
TT:They're saying it was a ball of plasma. See here, they note "near hard antenna."
JB:No. And, in fact, if it had been that close to my LCF my Combat Crew would have been going bananas.
TT:Oh, I can imagine if it had come inside your security fence (laughs).
JB:Yeah, yeah.
TT:No, all hell would've broke loose I would have thought.
TT:The camper team was out here at O-6. The break in was apparently here at O-7. So the maintenance guys, when they were through with what they were doing at N-7, they drove back, and they said as they drove by O-7 on their way back out to Hwy 83, they saw the security lights on, and he claims he not only saw the security lights, he saw that hatch open and the Strike Team was just entering the facility. He said he would have stopped if he hadn't seen the Strike Team but instead he drove by. So obviously they turned the lights on, sent the Strike Team down.
JB:Unless they turned them on when they went in. They could have—
TT:They could turn them on from the capsule couldn't they?
JB:They could have gone onto the site opened the hatch and then came back out to the gate.
TT:True they might not have been seeing that correctly.
JB:Because we were told they didn't want us, unless we were camper team that was going to be there, they didn't want our vehicles inside that fence.
TT:Ah, so you left them parked out on the drive.
JB:Yeah, we'd usually park out on the drive. About the only time you would see a vehicle inside, if you had a missile support vehicle, lot of times they'd do a complete change out and they would haul missile pieces out to it.
TT:Did you ever sweep the grounds to get rid of tracks and tire tracks and so forth as a means of security?
JB:No. [Looking at map]. The only thing I can't figure, whoever it was in that report, they were talking about this—

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