James F. Bond Sr. Interview, 26 February 2005

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TT:Just lights in areas where they shouldn't have been?
TT:Did they do any investigation of them at the time?
JB:Not that I know of and we never got into it—the people that were around the area that saw it beside me said "Well there ain't no reason to say anything about it because nobody is gonna—"
TT:You felt like it you should have reported it is that what you are saying?
JB:Yeah, I think it should have been. The lights were kind of similar to the ones at the Minot incident—it was that type of a thing, I mean, they were there and then they'd move and they'd go to another area, up, sideways you know, and quickly.
TT:These sightings went on over a period of time?
JB:Ten minutes, maybe.
TT:Not over 10 minutes?
JB:Probably not. And then it could have been there long time before. I remember somebody calling my attention to it, it was wintertime and a lot of snow on the ground, and we had a big mountain range behind us on the base. Kodiak Island I don't know if you have ever seen it or not, but it is a big volcano basically, with a large mountain range around it. Now there is nothing spectacular about, about the reporting of it or anything else.
TT:Were you seeing them out over the water or back against the mountain or?
JB:No they were over the top of the mountain range.
TT:So they were pretty high up.
JB:It was a starry night, I mean there were stars out but when you look at a star a star might twinkle a little bit but it doesn't do erratic things like that did.
TT:Yeah even in the Minot case Quintanilla wanted to say you guys were seeing stars, the star Sirius.
JB:No. There weren't any stars that low.
TT:Well Sirius was in the southeast.
JB:No. They weren't stars.
TT:So you arrived at Minot in, again in '68 or early '68
JB:Something after that, because when I left Minot I went to the Philippines.
TT:So how long were you at Minot?
JB:More than a year.
TT:So through into '69.
JB:I wouldn't have been there at all if I had my druthers, but—
TT:(Laughs) those were cold times up there. I remember, I grew up in Minnesota and—

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