James F. Bond Sr. Interview, 26 February 2005

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JB:Do you want me to read this out loud?
TT:Well, if you want to. Especially your part when they talk about you.
JB:[Reading from the documents] "After they entered November 7 the object came directly overhead with the sound of jet engines." And see, I didn't hear anything. "Staff Sergeant Bond at the Flight Security Control Center at November Flight stated the object which looked to him as if it were the sun came near the hardened antenna at November-1." I don't remember that.
TT:They've got "handred antenna," is that just a misspelling?
JB:I think that's supposed to be "hardened." [Reading] "It then moved to the right and he sent the SAT out to check out what it was."
TT:In relation to where you are in the facility can you see the hardened antenna from your windows?
JB:No, it's kind of back like, when you look out the gate the first thing you see is the gate and we had that big—
TT:You're looking at the entry.
JB:Yeah. The entrance and to the right of it was the garage where the vehicles were, and the antenna would've been back, well, back in this direction (gesturing to his right) back in this direction if I'm facing this direction at my desk, I'm looking towards the garage and the antenna would have been back in this direction (gesturing behind garage).
TT:Right. Can you see it from your position in the building?
JB:No, you'd have to get up.
TT:So you'd have to be outside to look at it.
JB:Yeah. I don't remember the object coming near our hardened antenna.
TT:Yeah. Well it's not in your AF-117 report form and Jablonski and Adams make no notice of it.
JB:It was not anywhere near November-1. I was at November-1.
TT:Yeah. If you read on, you apparently sent a SAT Team out chasing it (laughs).
JB:Ah, no if the team went anywhere they would have gone where the maintenance team was.
TT:Yeah, we know that for a fact.
JB:Yeah, but I don't remember sending them out—
TT:The off-duty team?
JB:No I wouldn't have—
TT:So that's a curiosity. I don't know where the heck it comes from. Maybe it's another flight.

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