James F. Bond Sr. Interview, 26 February 2005

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TT:So you were watching it from inside the building. [Was] your SAT team was with you at the time?
JB:No, they were out.
TT:Jablonski and Adams, they were out?
JB:They were out and I couldn't leave where I was to go in the back and wake up [break in recording] and let them come up and—
TT:So what did you do next?
JB:They went to where the maintenance team was.
TT:Right, did you just call them on the radio?
JB:Yeah, I talked to them on it, I had my little mike right there on my desk and talked to them. We didn't have fancy things like they get now with the headphones and the earpiece and mouthpiece.
TT:Do you recall where they were at the time?
TT:How long did you watch it?
JB:It couldn't have been too long, maybe 15 minutes, maybe 10 minutes.
TT:And this object was in sight basically that whole time?
JB:Yeah, pretty much. It moved, at one time I lost focus of it, it came back, it was [break in recording] and—
[Changes tape]
TT:OK, so you were observing it from inside your building?
TT:You had big picture windows there?
JB:Not big picture windows, I couldn't go outside, because if I did I'd be off my post. You know, unless there was a fire that drove me outside the building. So all of my sightings were from inside, and I made sure what I was seeing was what I was seeing, that's when I turned the lights out—because a big neon light shined on the window.
TT:Right, you sent Jabonski and Adams down, were you in radio contact with them on their way?
TT:Were they seeing anything at that time, do you recall?
JB:I don't believe they reported seeing anything right then, but then, when they got closer to the site, that's when they—
TT:So they let you know?

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