James F. Bond Sr. Interview, 26 February 2005

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tracks, no evidence that anybody was on the site. The FSC from Oscar was there that next day with this lieutenant while they investigated the site. He said they had a Geiger counter and in the area where you park, where the helicopters lands, you know where you park vehicles within the security fence—
TT:—found a ring, a circle of radiated material, I mean not dangerously high levels, but higher it was distinct.
JB:I'm thinking I read something about that in the report but we didn't have any knowledge of it. Nothing like that happened at November.
TT:I mean basically what they are saying is somebody went in there—
JB:Its like anything else, you've got people that may not be in the right frame of mind—they could be the Vice President of the United States and do some weird stuff.
TT:Yeah. But the coincidences, at the same time a UFO paced a B-52, (laughs) landed on the ground and was flown over, and 16 ground witnesses saw UFOs over three hours when this break in occurred, you followed what I'm saying?
TT:You keep piling these coincidences on it, you begin to wonder. I wonder if one way they took the interest away from what may have been going at some of the other missile sites was to literally go to O-7 to do the break in and then focus all the attention on that.
JB:That's what I was going to say, that would have been possible, something like that to happen. The team could have gone over there, opened up the site, flipped up the alpha and then left. Where the radiation would have come from, I have no idea because we didn't have access to that stuff.
TT:You don't recall Oscar-7. Do you recall where that was in the missile field?
JB:No. It could have been Lima it could have been Mike.
TT:Yeah. So you don't recall any other—
JB:We did talk amongst ourselves you know, I could call one of the other FSC's—you know "what's going on?" and stuff like that.
TT:So you weren't hearing about any other missile site incidences that night?
JB:No, everything was kind of around that area at that time.
TT:Yeah, yeah it was. It was pretty located actually, although you know at one point that thing was 40 miles out at 20,000 feet when it, when the B-52 picked it up, so it traveled that far out too. What you guys didn't know at the time that you were seeing the thing, in fact they were reporting it from N-7, there was one pacing the B-52.
JB:Yeah I remember my capsule crew telling me that.
TT:So it sounds like two, two different objects, you know.
JB:Could have been, all I saw was the one though.

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