Thomas G. Goduto Interview, 20 February 2001

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know, for hours and hours, and so they learn each other's position just by virtue of being there and doing that.
INT:And what sort of equipment did you have available to you? Could you explain the types of equipment that you were using?
TG:Yeah, I was the defensive systems—the gunner and myself try to make sure that the airplane could get to its target. And my equipment was jammers, electronic jammers, flares, and chaff, and then in order to be able to use those things, we had receiving systems that had to be electronic emissions from some other source that we could take, analyze, determine what it was, and counter that threat to the airplane.
INT:You're in enemy territory looking for radar?
TG:More specifically we're looking for weapon control radars, whether that be anti-aircraft or SAM missiles or other fighter aircraft.
INT:So you could identify a SAM missile by its radar signature?
TG:Oh yeah. I could say what kind of SAM it was. And I could say what mode it was in. Oh yeah, we were heavily trained.
INT: And you could determine distance and location for that system?
TG:Yeah, we could. I had a receiver that would show intensity of the signal and direction, and then I would have a receiver that would show frequency, and I could analyze a signal to determine lots of different parameters. So I knew everything about it, and I would know how best to counter it. Electronic countermeasures—that's what I was.
INT:And so...okay. So how would you counter it—you could throw chaff out into the air, right?
TG:Yep, if that would be appropriate.
INT:Also in electronic jamming how did that function?
TG:It was a radio transmitter that would transmit a signal. I would be able to adjust its frequency to match somebody else's frequency and it would generally flood their equipment, and therefore they were receiving some usable information, and now their scope is white and they can't tell where we are or anything about us.
INT:Now was that an effective countermeasure? They come up with countermeasures to that?

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