Thomas G. Goduto Interview, 20 February 2001

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INT:The fence was smashed to the ground as though some heavy weight had collapsed it on one side.
TG:Okay, see, now this is a little different. What I had heard was that intrusion alarms occurred but there was no damage to the outer perimeter, which was a cyclone fence.
INT:Right, that's in the documents, too.
TG:Well then...but now you're telling me the fence was crushed.
INT:Well, I'm telling you that's what Brad claims to have been told by this GO at the debriefing.'s accurate, and I would pay more attention to that.
INT:Do you remember leaving the debriefing?
TG:Kind of, but like I say, my recall of that was, 'Is this all they want?' Or they didn't get all the information that I know was available.
INT:Um, I mean, here's a question that other people have asked—that as soon as they're...why...if...if in fact the...the officer provided that information about the nuclear incident aspect of the UFO sighting, 'cause essentially what's being implied here is that the UFO had some effect on a missile silo, okay? Why would he tell you that if that were the case? If it was Brad saying it's true and that he was told this, why would the General Officer provide that information to you guys?
TG:He would've done it in a sense of maybe trying to reinforce us that he would not think that we're all hogwash.
INT:Your credibility was on the line.
TG:Yeah, our credibility would've been reinforced by him saying, 'Now whatever you guys saw—' But now on the other side of that sword, I would have to say that maybe some of my disappointment at the debriefing was that they didn't seem to be taking it as serious as I thought they should've been.
TG:...going on. And all of a sudden there wasn't, and this is the person responsible for making it continue or stop, and it appeared that it wasn't...wasn't good enough.

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