Thomas G. Goduto Interview, 20 February 2001

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INT:Why was it General Thompson?
TG:Because, he was the General that I knew personally. I was in his house, had a beer with him in his house. I knew him a little bit, not very much, and that's why I think it was him. But he might be the only General name that I remember being up there. I thought that he was the division commander, but if he wasn't listed as an ex-division—he might've been the missile wing commander.
TG:And the missile wing commander may have been a Brigadier General versus the flying wing commander was a O-6 Colonel.
INT:Yeah. In fact, the division commander at that time was a Colonel and then he was promoted.
TG:Maybe I'm thinking we went to a General's office and we actually went to a Colonel's office. Although I knew that the office we went to was not the flying wing commander—was not in the flying wing.
TG:It was down where the missile area was. It was not familiar surroundings to us.
INT:It must not be, because all you guys have sort of odd memories of it, it wasn't normal routine for you.
TG:Oh no, certainly not normal. Down where the tanker squadron was and the missile area was, which is not where I remember division headquarters being. And we went into that debriefing and it wasn't real cordial, it didn't seem. The way I remember it, it was just very matter-of-fact and, in other words, there was nothing light about it from—
INT:You guys all walked together to this room?
INT: Was Partin there?
TG:Yeah, I think we went in as a group, yeah.
INT:Okay. Was Cagle there?
TG:Yeah, he would've been there.

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